January 21, 2020


Find out what features Bike APP can offer to you and make biking even more fun! We are constantly developing new features to Bike APP so follow our blog and social accounts to receive information when something new is available. And remember that you can always propose new features by sending us feedback!

My Garage

This is your digital bike garage that goes everywhere you go. Thats’s because your bike garage is now saved to the database, it can be used on any device where Bike APP is available.

My Garage shows an overview of your most import bike garage items like bikes, next services, rides and latest settings. You can also see your component inventory lists of all the items you have on your garage that are not attached to your bikes, like spare chains.


Connect your Strava account to Bike APP and get your rides from Strava!

Manual Strava sync is available for all Bike APP users including all bike / component usage calculations and service alerts.

Subscription users

Automatic Strava sync feature is available for subscription users. Strava rides for bikes linked to Bike APP are automatically synced to database and made available to you in Bike APP. We can also fix automatically ride type for your e-bike rides!

Subscription users can also quickly plan Strava ride by selecting bike, time frame for starting the ride and name if wanted. When your ride gets to Strava it will be automatically changed to correct bike, ride type and name. Very nice feature when you have several bikes!

Public catalog

One of the key features of Bike APP is public catalog of bikes and components, including relations between components and bikes. These catalogs are available for every Bike APP user and keep growing all the time when Bike APP users specify bikes and their components to their own bike garages.

Find suitable parts

It’s easy to find out what components your bike has and what components other Bike APP users have . Bikes and components have comprehensive amount of details to help you to find suitable spare parts to our bikes.

Bikes and components can be copied to your bike garage so it’s easy to start building your garage. When someone from Bike APP community adds more information to public bike that you also have, you get also the added details!

My bikes

Swipe between your bikes and see most important information like rides, services, settings and components. Need to add service to your bike, easy, just swipe to desired bike and tap add service action.

You can also add confidential information that no one else sees like serial number, purchase date, price and store etc. can be easily added and accessed.


Another key features is related to bike services. Keeping your gear in condition is important so you can get the most out of your rides!

Scheduled services

Bike APP allows you to create scheduled service templates for component types where you want to do maintenance for example every 50 hours or every 500km. We have made few templates for your to use but you can also create your own or even start to use template created by other Bike APP users.

Other services

Services can contain multiple component services so when you do scheduled service for your suspension fork, you can also log service for your chains. Bike APP will calculate your component total usage, usage between services and for scheduled services estimates also time for the next service.

If you want to go really easy, you can also log service on bike level and just specify service time and notes.


To allow Bike APP to calculate bike and component usage you can log your rides. You can connect your Strava account to Bike APP and get your rides synced from Strava!

You can select which components were attached to your bike during the ride the get also component level usage calculations. One more excellent reason to specify your bike components to Bike APP!

Settings features. Original photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash


Do you also have hard time to remember what was tyre pressure or shock setup that worked like a charm last time you rode on the same trail?

No worries, Bike APP lets you record your settings with ride location and give rating so you can find the best setup next time.

More detailed list of features

My Garage

  • List of your bikes, next services, last rides, latest settings and components in your inventory
  • Summary graph of your bike usage (distance) by month, year or total usage
  • Shortcuts to list all items, add new items etc.

Public bikes

  • List of bikes categorized by bike category, like enduro mountain bikes, touring road bike etc.
  • Filtering bikes by properties
  • Add new public bikes so other Bike APP users can find same bike and it’s components easily
  • Copy bike
  • Add bike to your bike garage
  • Find other Bike APP users using the same bike
  • Like bikes
  • Subscribe to bikes or bike categories to receive notification of changes

Public components

  • List of components categorized by component category, like suspension fork, cassette etc.
  • Filtering components by properties
  • Add new public components so other Bike APP users can easily link component to their bikes
  • Copy component
  • Add component to your bike garage inventory
  • Find other Bike APP users using the same component
  • Like components
  • Subscribe to components or component categories to receive notification of changes

Receive Notifications

  • Someone likes or modifies an item you have created
  • When it’s time to plan your scheduled service


  • List of bike shops
  • Filtering shops by properties
  • Like shops

My bikes

  • Add photos of your bike
  • Specify serial number and notes
  • Initial bike usage when bike and it’s components already had been used before you became proud owner of the bike
  • Specify purchase details like date, store, price etc.
  • Log your basic settings like reach and saddle angle
  • Specify URL for service manual or documentation
  • Add new component to bike from public catalog or your component inventory
  • Replace or remove existing component by creating pre-filled bike services (new components usually don’t just get replaced to bike, someone needs to do some maintenance actions to get components changed =)

Service templates

  • List service template by service template type
  • Select which scheduled service templates are active based on component types (when service action template is active for component type, Bike APP automatically creates scheduled services for you so ou can easily monitor how long distance or time is to next scheduled service)
  • Create new service templates (scheduled and non-scheduled) or copy from other Bike APP users
  • Non-scheduled service templates make easy to perform and log same service actions, like yearly maintenance, default basic service etc.


  • List services by service state
  • Mark services done
  • Create and plan services to your bikes and components
  • Automatically created services based on scheduled service templates
  • Add photos to service or service actions


  • List your bike rides
  • Connect your Strava account and sync automatically (requires subscription) or manually your rides to Bike APP
  • Add photos your rides
  • Specify ride bike and components attached to the bike during the ride
  • Specify or modify ride duration or distance (some times you might also forgot to stop your GPS tracker =)
  • Add notes to your rides


  • List your bike settings time or rating
  • Log your bike settings and component setups so you can find them later on
  • Rate your settings so you can find what setup worked and what didn’t
  • Specify ride location, conditions and notes